Originally, in Latin, the

word anima meant 

“to blow, air and 

breeze.” Over time, it 

acquired the meaning 

of “vital principle and 



Anima Investimentos is an investment company controlled by the Ruggiero Passos family. It is responsible for long term holdings, assets, social investments, and the family governance.

We look forward to contributing to development by building business with superior performance with positive social and environmental footprints. We foster entrepreneurship and discipline on capital allocation. We have a global view, built around our Brazilian roots. 

We cherish managing partners who share our values, contribute knowledge and participate in the success of this joint project.

We strive for excellence in execution and encourage self-development and hard work. Our lack of complacency, our curiosity and our openness to new ideas lead us to continuous improvement. 

We craft our relationships based on transparency, trust, informality and simplicity. We value a diversity of opinions.

We invest with a concentrated and long-term perspective in quality companies, capable of sustaining long term returns and generating good reinvestment opportunities. Unlike other investors, we do not demand liquidity in pre-defined horizons. 

We believe that constant attention to capital loss is the best way to create superior returns over time. In our decision-making process, we prioritize companies marked by the following cultural traits:

  • Meritocracy - consistency in rewarding performance and following structured evaluation plans with clear and well-communicated goals;

  • Purpose – the practice of values and deep, well balanced relationships with shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the remaining stakeholders;

  • Work as a founding value - recognition that success is a result of hard work.

In those companies we take part of the governance system, we aim to contribute in the following dimensions:

  • Capital allocation process;

  • Governance structuring; 

  • Incentive scheme design;

  • Strategic priorities definition;

  • Talent attraction and retention.