Originally, in Latin, the word anima meant “to blow, air, and breeze.” Over time, it acquired the meaning of “vital principle and soul.”   


Anima was created in 2011 by the Ruggiero Passos family, one of the founding partners of Natura Cosmetics. The firm provides services in a number of fields, including asset management, social investment management, succession and corporate planning, and family governance.

We look forward to building strong and lasting bonds with long-term partners who are forward-looking, but who get things done in the present. We appreciate a cosmopolitan identity that values ​​the local but seeks to learn from and embrace the global. That’s why we are investing in more and more countries around the world.

We craft our relationships based on transparency, trust, informality and simplicity. We value a diversity of opinions.

We cherish managing partners who share our family values, contribute knowledge and experience, and participate in the success of this joint project.

We want to be recognized for the quality of our work. We strive for excellence in execution and encourage self-development and hard work. Our lack of complacency, our curiosity, and our openness to new ideas lead us to continually improve all our management processes and standards, usually with an innovative approach.

We believe that our greatest contribution to society is our values ​​and beliefs as expressed in our work and behavior, including support for social and environmental projects.

Our Investment Philosophy

We invest with a concentrated and long-term perspective in the real economy, preferably through publicly traded companies. Unlike other investors, we do not demand liquidity in pre-defined horizons. We believe that constant attention to capital loss is the best way to create superior returns over time.

In our investments, we seek out a handful of high-quality companies and get to know them as if we were their controllers.


We prefer to invest in companies with high entry barriers, high return on capital and good opportunities for reinvestment. In our decision-making process, we prioritize companies marked by the following cultural traits:

          •    Work as a founding value - recognition that success is a result of hard work

          •    Meritocracy - consistency in rewarding performance and following structured evaluation                 plans with clear and well-communicated goals

          •    Owner mentality - the high engagement of employees who share the interests of                 stockholders

          •    Purpose - deep and lasting relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and                 other stakeholders as a reflection of the company’s values

Even in those companies to which we are closely connected, we avoid interfering in the day-to-day operation, concentrating our efforts on the following activities:


          •    Talent attraction and retention

          •    Incentive scheme design

          •    Defining strategic priorities

          •    Structuring governance processes

          •    Participation in the capital allocation process